The Valverde greenfield solar park is located in the province of Badajoz in western Spain, about 120 km north of Seville. The facility was constructed by the German solar company IBC SOLAR and went into operation in August 2008. 

The plant was purchased in 2009 after completion of the construction and initial start-up phases. Existing project financing from the Spanish bank Bancaja was acquired as part of the deal. A comprehensive operations and maintenance plan ensure a robust project structure, along with the insurance and warranty package in place.

Online monitoring software is used to gather the production data from the inverters and electricity meters using, allowing real-time performance analysis. This enables the immediate identification and quick repair of technical breakdowns or defects.

Technical data

  • Type Brownfield, fixed system
  • Power 2.700 kWp
  • Energy Yield 3.993.942 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Polycristalline, IBC SOLAR (IBC-225TE)
  • Inverter SMA (SMC 7000HV)
  • Operation date 25.07.08