The rooftop solar park was constructed on top of a shopping center, about 10 km east of Valencia in eastern Spain, by the Spanish solar firm IM2 Solar. It started operation in August 2008. 

The facility was purchased after the successful completion of the start-up phase. Existing project financing from the Spanish bank Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo (CAM) was acquired along with the purchase.

The planning and building processes ensured no shadows are cast by neighboring buildings. The location in Valencia is ideal for solar energy production, because of its high solar radiation levels of up to 1,900 kWh/m². A comprehensive operations and maintenance plan ensures the long-term performance of the plant. 

Technical data

  • Type Rooftop, fixed system
  • Power 301 kWp
  • Energy Yield 426.640 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Polycristalline, Siliken (SLK60P6L)
  • Inverter Sunmaster XL 10KW, 15kW
  • Operation start 28.05.08