The rooftop solar park was constructed by the experienced Spanish contractor AE3000. It started operation at the beginning of 2011. The facility is located in Benicarlo in Castellon province, 125 km north of Valencia. 

The rooftop panels use monocrystalline photovoltaic cells produced by Sunpower. Monocrystalline technology is characterized by very good module efficiency, which determines how much of the sun’s energy is transformed into solar power when it hits the module. Once installed, a Sunpower SPR-305E-WHT-D has a module efficiency of over 18 percent.

The Benicarlo project was purchased alongside five other rooftop facilities. Project financing for the entire portfolio was arranged through Commerzbank with the support of low-interest funds from the KfW development bank.

Technical data

  • Type Greenfield, fixed system
  • Power 1.614 kWp
  • Energy Yield 1.852.124 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Monocristalline, Sunpower (SPR-305E-WHT-D)
  • Inverter SOLARMAX 100TS
  • Operation start 16.03.12