The rooftop solar park was built in 2009 by the Spanish contractor AE3000. It started operation in 2010. The panels are installed on top of a storage depot in the town of Alcarras, some 40 km west of Barcelona.

The choice of location ensured no shadows are cast by neighboring buildings. The facility uses polycrystalline modules from REC Solar and thin film modules from First Solar. A long-term operations and maintenance plan has been put in place to secure a sustainalbe electricity production.

Long-term project financing for the facility was arranged in conjunction with Commerzbank, supported by a low-interest subsidy from the KfW development bank. The final acceptance and the system power veryfication was carried out by an independent engineering company during the bank financing.



Technical data

  • Type Rooftop, fixed system
  • Power 594 kWp
  • Energy Yield 820.085 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Polykristalline, REC SOLAR (235PE)
  • Inverter SMA (SMC 5000A)
  • Operation start 23.06.10