The Francolu greenfield solar park was developed on the Mediterranean island of Corsica in 2011 by a German solar firm, and was built by Global Energy Services. The facility went into operation after its completion in July 2011. 

Polycrystalline Trina solar modules and a quality PV-mounting system from the firm Krinner Solar were chosen during the planning phase. The location of the PV plant is ideal for solar energy production because of its solar radiation levels of about 1,500 kWh/m².

Long-term project financing for the facility was arranged in conjunction with Commerzbank, supported by a low-interest subsidy from the KfW development bank. A comprehensive operation and maintenance concept ensures that expected production levels are achieved long term. The project is fully integrated in WOC's online monitoring system, which allows to detect production interruptions and to initiate countermeasures.

Technical data

  • Type Greenfield, fixed system
  • Power 3.671 kWp
  • Energy Yield 5.217.744 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Polycristalline, Trina Solar (230PC05)
  • Inverter SMA SC630HE
  • Operation start 20.07.11