The Agribio rooftop solar park was purchased from the solar energy firm AE3000. It is one of five facilities acquired in October 2011 after starting operation. It is located on the roof of a new storage depot in southern France, some 50 km south of Toulouse.

Polycrystalline modules from the Norwegian manufacturer Rec Solar were chosen during the planning process. The storage depot was especially conceptualized and aligned for the photovoltaic generators. The building is freestanding, ruling out the casting of shadows by neighboring properties. A long-term operations and maintenance plan was drawn up with the project contractors. It covers both the plant availability and performance.  

The earnings power of the project secures good long-term dividends through a favorable buyback price of over 60 ct/kWh.



Technical data

  • Type Rooftop, fixed system
  • Power 219 kWp
  • Energy Yield 248.964 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Monocristalline, Rec Solar (230)
  • Inverter SMA (SMC11000TL)
  • Operation start 12.10.11