The Dovera greenfield solar park is located in the Italian province of Cremona, some 40 km south of Milan. It was purchased from the EPC contractor, Gehrlicher Solar AG, in September 2011 after connection to the power grid.

SMA converters and solar panels from the US firm First Solar were selected during the planning process. The panels consist of thin film modules, based on cadmium telluride technology, which are characterized by their very good energy production under diffuse light conditions.

Long-term project financing was arranged in cooperation with HSH Nordbank, with the support of a low interest loan from KfW development bank. The power plant is fully integrated in WOC's online monitoring system which allows to detect production interruptions and to initiate countermeasures immediately.

Technical data

  • Type Greenfield, fixed system
  • Power 1.255 kWp
  • Energy Yield 1.524.138 kWh/p.a.
  • Module type Thinfilm, First Solar (FS 277)
  • Inverter SMA (SC630CP)
  • Operation start 07.09.11