WOC Asset Management

The subsidiary takes care of the financial products and their asset management, as well as the business operations on a project level over the entire project duration. Efficient procedures across the enterprise save administration costs, and on the technical side they ensure that earnings are maximized by optimally configuring the plants for minimum downtime.

We take over all the controlling functions for our clients during the plant operation:

  • Financial accounting: Calculating the energy supply with the relevant power   company, sales tax declarations, annual financial statements, monitoring compliance with the financial models
  • Monitoring: comparisonof target-actual values, controlling the technical management (regular maintenanceintervals, etc.)
  • Reporting: preparation of quarterly reports for investors, banks and insurance funds
  • Operations management: annual site inspection, organizing security, ground maintenance, quick processing of claims in event of damage, etc. 

In addition, we offer comprehensive solutions to private and institutional investors – from the business plan, construction and raising finance, to the start-up and profitable operation of the plants. We always strive to ensure the plants are of optimal quality and have a long lifespan.