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White Owl Capital AG
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Management Board
Tobias Lecler, geb. Pehle
Gunnar von Reden

Supervisory Board
Dr. Helmut Pehle (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Leopold Freiherr von Stechow
Joelle Steiner

General information about visiting the website of White Owl Capital AG, the information it contains, and the use of the features on offer: Great care has been taken when putting together the contents of the websites of White Owl Capital AG and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as “White Owl” henceforth), and they are subject to regular review. Despite this, no guarantee can be provided about their accuracy and up-to-dateness. All the information provided on these pages is non-binding and without obligation. The relevant sales information is to be found exclusively in the company’s sales brochures and the information contained within them. These brochures can be obtained from the relevant White Owl subsidiary or downloaded from the internet. The White Owl websites should not serve as investment advice, but only to provide general information to the user. The provision of content on the White Owl website, and the use of the website, in no way establishes a contractual relationship between the provider and the user. Furthermore, the White Owl websites do not constitute an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, White Owl investments or securities.

Notice about investments: All the revenues and returns, all the tax information,as well as the investment, earnings and profitability calculations are not guaranteed by WhiteOwl. They are only intended to serve as examples. The investments offered can achieve higher than average returns, but they also have a correspondingly higher risk attached. The information is therefore aimed at experienced investors, who have the ability to assess the investment risks and opportunities involved. The value and earnings potential of an investment is also influenced by future economic, legal, and fiscal developments. This can positively impact on the investment returns, but it can also result in negative returns or a total loss.

External links notice: The White Owl websites may contain links to third-party websites (“external links”). White Owl does not constantly review their contents, and White Owl assumes no responsibility for the information found on such linked websites. If you should find any error or legal violations on these websites, we request that White Owl Capital AG be informed without delay. We will then examine the matter and make any necessary changes to our content.

Copyright Notice

The contents of the White Owl websites are copyright protected. The reproduction of information, calculation tools or data; especially the use of texts, parts of texts or images; requires the prior approval of White Owl Capital AG.

Notice about performance data: The performance data provided applies to the past.  It cannot be used to draw any conclusions about future performance. Any forward-looking predications about future performance are based on the current estimates of management. Words like “anticipate”, “assume”, “believe”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, “could”, “plan”, project”, should” and similar terms apply to such forward-looking predictions. Such predictions are subject to risks and uncertainties, including an economic downturn in Germany, Europe, North America and Asia, changes in the global capital markets (including exchange rates and interest rates), and especially the markets for shipping and transport, property, and other open and closed investment concepts, the tax and legal framework as well as the introduction of competing products and an increase in competitors’ sales efforts. If any of these or other risks or uncertainties materialize, or should the assumptions underlying forward-looking statements prove incorrect, then actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements  - either explicitly expressed or implied. We do not intend to update forward-looking statements, and we do not assume any obligation to do so,as they should only be associated with the conditions on their day of publication.

Information and assessmentsby third parties, sales restrictions(outside of Germany): There are legal requirements in various countries that may restrict the information and offers of investment that we can lawfully provide to the citizens or residents of those countries. Citizens or residents should inform themselves about and observe any restrictions imposed in the jurisdiction in which the website is accessed. Unless they do so, and acquire the necessary permits from the competent administrative authority, the information on this website is not addressed to the citizens or residents of such states.

Notice for the US:

The investments and information contained in this site are not intended for distribution in the United States. They are not aimed at people with American citizenship or individuals who have their permanent residence inthe US.
English - Sales Restriction (outside Germany): The Distribution of the information on these sites and the offer of investment is many countries subject to a prior notice to the responsible authorities and/or requires special permissions from the responsible local authorities. Therefore, all information on these sites regarding investment funds shall not be construed as an offer to citizens of such countries to purchase these investment funds. Reference to the USA: Information and offers contained in these sites are not intended for distribution in the US. This shall apply both to American citizens and to persons whose permanent place of residence is in the territory of the US.