As a fund and asset manager we focus exclusively on renewable energy, utilizing our many years of experience in the field. The WOC Group has already successfully started up 35 power plants at home and abroad. Using our comprehensive in-house asset management, we unlock the earnings potential of our power plants and maximize the returns for our investors. Our integrated business model has made us one of the leading fund and asset managers for renewable energy in Germany. Our sustainable corporate philosophy secures that position and ensures that, with us, you can share in the long-term benefits of successful energy investments.  

Business Model

The WOC Group acquires and sells energy projects on behalf of its clients, designing energy funds for private and institutional investors. The WOC Group also advises professional investors on expanding and managing their individual portfolios. With assets totaling over EUR 329 million, the WOC Group is among the top firms in Germany in this growth sector.

The company pursues a sustainable investment growth strategy, oriented towards the long-term as the owner of solar and wind power plants. Our ultimate objective is to retain the plants under our management for an unlimited time span, providing continuous stable returns for our investors. WOC manages the entire life cycle of a power plant - either internally or by using external partners. Using this approach, WOC generates recurring and one-off earnings by expanding our asset portfolio, we sustainably strengthen the revenues of the Group.