White Owl Capital AG and its subsidiaries (collectively known as the WOC Group) design energy funds for private and institutional investors. For this purpose the WOC Group organizes the acquisition and divestment of power plants, or shares in power plants, at home and abroad.

WOC’s business activities are aimed at steadily expanding the investment assets under management, which generate recurring and one-time gains. By developing our equity holdings in solar parks and wind farms, we open up earnings and acquisition opportunities. We also secure stable revenues from energy sales and optimize the value of the facilities.

White Owl Capital AG acts as the holding company for the Group, taking on the role of corporate management. Its core functions include accounting, risk management, legal, human resources, and IT.

Several subsidiaries fall under the umbrella of the holding: WOC Asset Management is responsible for the ongoing management of the facilities owned in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. WOC Advisory GmbH covers the key functions related to new investment business. The company delivers support and management services to institutional investors who are launching specialized energy funds. It also undertakes asset management for direct investors. The non-operating company WOC Development GmbH  & Co KG administers equity holdings and co-investments within the framework of project development and existing assets.

WOC Treuhand GmbH takes care of private investors. Further information about the company is available at: